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In der Nähe der Alten Pension Bautzen Burk befinden sich zahlreiche Sehenswürdigkeiten und interessante Plätze für alle Altersklassen. Einige Beispiele haben wir Ihnen hier aufgelistet. 

Hier finden Sie kostenloses Infomaterial über Bautzens Sehenswürdigkeiten (Quelle:

Construction time dam: 1968-1975
Water surface: 587ha
Total storage space: 48.6 million m³
Catchment area 310 km²
The dam is one of the most popular recreational areas just outside the city of Bautzen. It was originally built for the provision of service water and flood protection, but above all for the constant supply of water to the Boxberg power plant across the Spree. The function of supplying dhw is gaining more and more importance in connection with the flooding of opencast mining in Lower Lusatia. The reservoir, as the dam is called by the Bautzers, is an important feature of inland fisheries and has become a rich biotope. Even water sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth, rowing, sailing or surfing can be followed as well as swimming here
Also as bathing water the reservoir Bautzen is very popular. The bathing water has a very good microbiological water quality. On the basis of existing long-term investigation data, the classification of the EU bathing site dam Bautzen into the category "Excellent bathing water quality". From the previous investigations, there are no indications of the imminent danger of microbial contamination at the bathing site. In recent years, there has been an increase in the development of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in the Bautzen dam, which in particular limits the depth of vision, but can also lead to skin irritation and diarrhea in susceptible persons. Then it is advised against by the health authority Bautzen from bathing in the dam. There are currently no indications of a danger of mass development of macrophytes and other algae. Impurities of the bathing areas with alluvial matter, bird droppings or other wastes have not yet occurred. Skin rash due to cercaria (duck bilharzia / bath dermatitis) has not been reported so far.

Sonne, Strand, Volleyball, Tretboot-Verleih, Cocktails, Kaffee, Kuchen, Softeis, warme und kalte Speisen, After work Parties mit Live DJs

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High ropes course at the reservoir Bautzen, in one of the largest artificial climbing facilities with tree connection. At heights of up to 12 meters. Zip-line course, ziplines and a total length of over 230 meters.Ocean Beach Bar at the reservoir Bautzen: 750mSun, beach, volleyball, pedal boat rental, cocktails, coffee, cake, soft ice cream, hot and cold dishes, after work party's with live DJ's

Themed 18-hole adventure course There are 18 individual pitches which are designed and accessible with artificial turf.

Swimmer pool with 6 x 25 meter lanes with 1.80 m water depth. Educational swimming pool with a water depth of 0.60 m - 1.35 m for the younger visitors a paddling pool with a small slide, a water mushroom, an aerator and a massage nozzle. Here the water depth is 0.20 - 0.50 m. A steam chamber. There you have the opportunity to relax after swimming.

Reichenturm, old water art, Sorbian Museum, Dom St. Petri, Ortenburg, Theather, memorial Bautzen / Stasi prison - the prison Bautzen II

The dinosaur park Kleinwelka is with 16 hectares the largest dinosaur park in Germany. Which is a unique plant in size and type. Dinosaur Park with life-size models, prehistoric creatures & adventure playground with nets and ropes.

Germany's largest maze. Adventure labyrinth / maze / puzzle labyrinth / treasure hunt on 7,5km long trails / 6000m2

Traditionelle sorbische Osterbräuche hautnah miterleben, Eier schieben, Posaunenchor, Osterreiter, Hexenbrennen am Dienstag, den 30.04.2019 mit Steak, Bratwurst und Getränken auf dem Hof, Historischer Weihnachtmarkt

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